Football Strategies

How many times have you decided to have a small flutter on your team, as they take on a team you think they could scrape a win against ?

It’s 60 minutes into the game and the opposition score a goal – disaster !!!!

Your team now need to score 2 goals to win the game. Even if your team score 1 goal, they avoid defeat, but you still lose your money at the bookies.

What if I was to say you can still win your bet, if your team score just 1 goal?

So, the game progresses and in the 85th minute your team score a header to make the scoreline 1-1. At most bookies you will still have lost your bet, but using an Asian Handicap bet you have won your bet even with a final score of 1-1!!

If the game as an example was Aston Villa v West Ham, and you are betting on West Ham, you need to look for the follow Asian Handicap: West Ham +0.5 This signifies that West Ham are getting a half goal start. As everyone knows there is no such thing as an actual half goal, but in betting terms this means that there cannot be a draw at the final whistle. If the scoreline was 1-1, then in relation to your bet Aston Villa have 1 goal but West Ham have 1.5 goals, which means they have won the bet.

A similar type of strategy, is to bet your team on the Double Chance market, which gives you the draw and your team in your bet. As long as your team score at least the same number of goals, then you will win the bet because you are backing the draw as well as your team selection.

Advantages of using Asian Handicaps:
– These are ideal to use instead of backing and laying using as there aren’t any commissions payable on your profit.
– You can use Asian Handicaps to dutch against other bookmakers to complete wagering requirements.

Dutching like for like

Other possible ways to dutch asian handicaps is dutching like for like. So if you back team A +0.5 then you can also back Team B -0.5 to cover all possible outcomes, or Team A +1.5 and Team B -1.5. Here is a list of suitable dutches:
• -0.5/+0.5
• -1/+1
• -1.5/+1.5
• -2.5/+2.5
The following are ‘split asians’ and are best avoided for now;
• 0,-0.5/0,+0.5 (sometimes shown as -0.25/+0.25 or -1/4 / +1/4)
• -0.5,1/+0.5,1 (sometimes shown as -0.75/+0.75 or -3/4 / +3/4)

Dutching goal markets
We can bet £100 at bookmaker A on over 2.5 @ 2.00 and we can bet another £100 at bookmaker B on under 2.5 @ 2.00. As you know 2.0 is the same as betting at evens. Irrespective of the number of goals in this match, be the final score 0-0 ( i.e. under 2.5 goals ) or 4-3 ( over 2.5 goals ) we see that one of the bets wins, the other loses. We end up with an outlay of 2x£100 and a return at one of the bookies of zero and a return of £200 at the other bookmaker.

So what has this achieved for us ?
Basically we have potentially placed the qualifier bet at 2 bookmakers and met their minimum odds requirements of evens, in order to release the free bet.
Don’t forget that if you are baffled by Asian Handicaps, there are 2 basic ones to watch out for:
– +0.5 for the away team is the same as a double chance bet ( away+ draw)
Aston Villa vs Bolton
Aston Villa Odds= 2.0
Draw = 3.60
Bolton = 4.40

Some bookmakers offer the double chance market, so ideally you find this and if the odds for Draw/Bolton are 2.0 then you have a no loss dutch. ( Basically this is the same as the +0.5 Asian Handicap as you are backing Bolton and the draw )

– Another Asian Handicap to look out for in a different format is the Draw No Bet option. This is also shown as the Asian Handicap 0.

As long as you back both teams in this way, then you are safe as you cover all outcomes.Here you are looking for odds as close as:
Arsenal (0) @ 1.50 ( OR shown as Arsenal Draw-No-Bet @ 1.50 )
Bolton (0) @ 3.00 ( OR shown as Bolton Draw-No-Bet @ 3.00 )

Based on these odds you would bet £100 on Arsenal and £50 on Bolton.
If either team wins, you will break even.
If the game ends in a draw ( 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc ) then your stakes are refunded at both bookmakers.

As with any new sign up offer, check the rules regarding wagering requirements for things such as minimum odds, if double chance, or draw no bets are allowed. Some bookmakers specify that bets need to be placed on a 3 way outcome ( i.e Arsenal, the draw or Bolton ). Do not let this put you off, as they may have the odds on arsenal at 2.0, which means you need to use a different bookmaker to dutch against this bet, or you can revert to backing and laying.