Match Betting

If I was to show you how to take a starting bank of say £50 and almost double that within a couple of days would you be interested ?

If I was to mention that this is an almost risk free, totally legal loophole, does that make it even more tempting ?

If I was to say that this insider knowledge is totally free to you, does that clinch the deal ?

Most of the online bookmakers offer free bets as part of their strategy to entice gamblers to sign up with them. They are hoping that people will lose loads of money with them and so make them a nice tidy profit. These people who do lose money there are often punters, putting money on a horse running in the 3.15 race, or backing their favourite football team.

There are other people who don’t mind losing money at the bookmakers. Are these people mad? Not at all, these are the shrewd people who are making a profit regardless of their football team winning, or their horse in the 3.15 coming first or even last.

We make a profit irrespective and over a period of time, we will double our working capital and then go on and increase it substantially.

How does it work ?

Basically thus;

1) We find a nice friendly bookmaker offering a free bet sign up offer to entice us to join.

2) We deposit say £25 and place our first bets with the bookmaker. At the same time we open an account at an exchange such as Betfair and we lay the corresponding bet off. ( All this will be explained in detail to you ).

3) The qualifying bet settles, you either win at the bookmaker or the exchange.

The bookmaker now gives you a free bet as your welcome present.

5) We do the same as above, but this time we are looking for slightly bigger odds, and looking to maximise our return from the ‘free’ bet.

6) Depending on the offer and the odds on the bets placed, you may take a small loss on the first bet, then a loss on the second bet too. Something doesn’t sound right there, you may be thinking ! Don’t forget that the second bet is made using the bookmakers own funds.

7) A rough example would be, you deposit £25 to qualify for the offer, which could return you £23 ( making a £2 loss ). The free £25 bet could easily lose you £2 too. This means after placing £50 worth of bets at the bookmaker, it appears you are down to £46. Don’t forget however that the actual cost to you is only the original £25 you have invested of your own money, so you have actually made a profit of £21.